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From me to you, I LOVE this backpack…If I could have everything I sell this would definatly be a topper!

UNIQUE LIFESTYLE DESIGN: If ever a wild flower can be said to epitomize a British summer, it must be the red poppy. In July, countryside verges come alive, and fields of corn are splashed with scarlet as the poppy flower comes into its full glory. The flower’s delicate appearance belies its hardy nature, and its ability to flourish on disturbed ground has made it a metaphor for enduring memory. Our striking design sets a sea of untamed, blood red poppy plants against a white background.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This backpack is a fantastic day-to-day bag. Perfect for everyday use including school, work and even a day out in the city

  • This Rucksack has a front pocket for storage and easy access and is fitted with a grab handle
  • Fully zipped across the top
  • Lined with a patterned nylon
  • Inside contains a zipper pocket and a pair of compartments for mobile phones
  • Size: 12.2 x 14.6 x 5.1 inches – Weight: 0.9 lb




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